Director - Gjorce Stavreski
Script - Gjorce Stavreski
Camera - Dejan Dimeski
Music - Branislav Nikolov, Pece Trajkovski, Goce Jovanoski
With - Blagoj Veselinov, Aleksandar Mikic, Miroslav Petkovic, Dime Iliev, Simona Dimkovska
Producer - Gjorce Stavreski
Production - Fragment Film

Vele is an underpaid train mechanic who uses stolen marijuana to make a cake for his father to relieve his cancer pain. He suddenly finds himself cornered by the criminals who look for their drugs and the nosy neighbors who want the recipe for the “healing” cake.

"The main motive/motor behind it all is poverty. I see it every day, on the streets, these last ten years the number of people begging literally skyrocketed. Also, our healthcare system just fell apart and people don’t have any solutions for their problems. They either go to some private hospital because they can afford it or they are left behind."

Gjorce Stavreski for


Thessaloniki '17 – Audience Award


  • 22.03.2018
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 16.30 часа
  • 15.03.2018
    CULTURE CENTER “G8” - 19.45 часа
  • 13.03.2018
    CINEMA ODEON - 20.30 часа