Director - Dana Goldberg, Efrat Mishori
Script - Efrat Mishori, Dana Goldberg
Camera - Asi Oren, Irit Sharvit
Music - Henree & Nikka, Moshe and Sandra Choresh, Colibris: Talia Keinan, Gai Sherf, Matan Fox, Efrat Mishori
With - Evgenia Dodina, Samira Saraya, Y. Goldberg
Producer - Dana Goldberg
Production - Jerusalem '17 – Best Actress (Samira Saraya)
The film consists of two parallel axes. Yasmin (35), a nurse who lives in Jaffa, is interrogated by the police. Lenny Sade (50), a world-renowned researcher, is passing through the last day of her life. The worlds of these two women meet for a critical moment and are bound together inseparably.
„A beautiful example of how a memorable film can be made on a shoestring, Death of a Poetess poignantly describes the last day in the life of an educated Israeli writer, culminating in her casual encounter with a gay Palestinian woman in a bar.“
Deborah Young,


  • 19.03.2018
  • 14.03.2018
    CULTURE CENTER “G8” - 18.45 часа