Director - Daniel Sandu
Script - Daniel Sandu
Camera - George Dascalescu
With - Stefan Iancu, Vlad Ivanov, Toto Dimitrescu
Producer - Ada Solomon
Production - HI Film Productions

Romania, nowadays.
Gabriel is a 15-year-old teen, who wants to become a priest, he is thereby admitted to an Orthodox College. Trying to fit in first but finally realizing the system is totally corrupted and abusive, he is rapidly with 3 other classmates labelled as rebel students by the school board. Caught in the fight for power between an incorruptible but abusive priest and a cunning, crooked and unscrupulous secular teacher, the students learn that lying, stealing, cheating, gambling and betraying are things they have to master in order to survive in the seminary. 
Who will graduate and become a priest? What kind of priests will they make after spending several years in this system?

"I don’t really believe in debates. I find that, while some people are debating, others are acting. As long as most Romanians are looking to the church for spiritual relief, as long as it continues to be the most trusted institution in the country, as long as the real estate it controls continues to grow, things will not change. The Orthodox Church plans for the long term, much longer than a lifetime, and is minimally interested in the situation of the current mortals. Despite all of this, my film is not meant to point fingers at the church. It merely offers a “trip” through the assembly line that builds its future servants."

Daniel Sandu for


  • 15.03.2018
    DOM NA KINOTO - 20.30 часа
  • 16.03.2018
    DOM NA KINOTO - 13.00 часа
  • 27.03.2018
    EURO CINEMA - 17.15 часа