Director - Banu Sıvacı
Script - Banu Sıvacı
Camera - Arda Yıldıran
Music - Canset Özge Can
With - Kemal Burak Alper, Ruhi Sari, Demet Genç, Evren Erler, Michal Elia Kamal, Mazlum Taşkıran
Producers - Mesut Ulutaş
Production - Anagraf Film
Yusuf is a youngster living with his sister and brother in one of Adana's suburbs. On
the roof of the house where they live, he passionately feeds and raises the pigeons
bequeathed by his father. He has got a special bond with a female pigeon named
Maverdi. His brother forces him to work and to earn money. Yusuf who doesn't know
any other world than the one with his pigeons on the roof, will face the labor life and
the realities of his neighbourhood.


Berlin’18 - Competition


  • 10.03.2018
    DOM NA KINOTO - 18.15 часа
  • 12.03.2018
    DOM NA KINOTO - 11.30 часа
  • 18.03.2018
    EURO CINEMA - 16.00 часа