Director - Aleksandar Smolianov
Script - Chavdar Jivkov, Aleksandar Smolianov
Camera - Dimitar Kostov
Music - Garo Ashikian
With - Tsvetan Alexiev, Yavor Borisov, Filip Trifonov
Production - Bulgarian National Television
A porter and former boxer – Dencho - desperately needs money in order to close the deal of his life - acquiring a cargo van and becoming a small business owner. All the day he will try to work for the necessary amount of money.
With a little bit of luck, he manages to collect it. But his partner framed him! After all he will have to ask for help. 
Yavor, former champion, used to be defeated by Dencho at the national boxing championship in 1985. He’s friday got off on the wrong foot as soon as he woke up. He used to isolate himself from the world. But now he decided do getting back to life. Tonight he will fight Hosey The Storm and with the money, he will change all his life! 
But at the end, on the ring, he will meet, his old sparing partner Dencho. 


  • 15.03.2018
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 18.30 часа