Director - Martin Makariev
Script - Georgi Angelov, Alexander Chobanov, Yana Marinova, Boby Zahariev
Camera - Ivan Vatsov
With - Yana Marinova, Luiza Grigorova-Makariev, Alexander Sano, Koyna Ruseva, Radina Borshosh, Jivko Simeonov, Bashar Rahal, Vladimir Penev
Producers - Yana Marinova, Bashar Rahal
Production - Spirit Production, Nova Television

Young history teacher Lora Angelova is living between her job at the school that her father founded and her past of dance competitions. Her collegues respect her and her students love her. Everything is perfect until the day the director's position becomes vacant. Lora is now in a competition with her ambitious and evil colegue Velikova. Lora's 12th class has its problems, too. Diana – daughter of the main school's sponsor, is beautiful and sexy and takes every chance to show her luxurious life. She believes that money and sex can buy everything and everyone. Even if that “everyone” is her best friend Sonya's boyfriend. Diana's manipulations lead to a scandal and a sex video with her classmates, made at Lora Angelova's dance hall. Meanwhile there is a new music teacher in the school – Kalin Sokolov, a pop star and a producer. The school relationships will catch him immediately. But which side will he choose? And are there really sides or everyone is alone against the others? Just a month before the prom, Lora Angelova has to show everyone that the right choice is always the hardest one, but it's worth it.

"In Attraction I don't play. I am myself in this film. I didn't think much about my role and my character. This is a dream that came true – to write the story of a film and to produce it after that.”

Yana Marinova for


  • 12.03.2018
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 13.00 часа