Director - Maxim Genchev
Script - Zlatina Filipova
Camera - Hristo Genkov
With - Simeon Filipov, Matey Genchev, Vasilena Stoyanova
Producer - Zlatina Filipova
Production - Amrita Art

High school classmates Marko and Angelina and Marko's younger cousin Filip are trying to collect money in various ways for medical treatment of Angelina's little brother. However, Angelina's father, who is a weak-willed drunk, gambles away the money they have collected. Desperation drives the young people to look for Chieftain Vulchan's hidden treasure. Then they have incredible adventures when in a magical way the Smartphone Fillip has brought from the States transports them to the time of the formidable haidouks. At a moment when their lives hang by a thread, the three should instantly return to their present world. While they are going through the time line two of the haidouks – Chieftain Vulchan and Father Martin – are also transported to the present time when a portal opens up by mistake. Having found themselves in the unknown world of the future, they help the boys free Angelina, who was kidnapped by her father's creditors. They find the hidden treasure to help the sick child, and give the young people a lesson in moral, responsibility, and fairness.

„This film is made for the teenagers. There are no bandits, no prostitutes and drugs in it. This film is about the good kids in Bulgaria which, I’m absolutely sure, are much, much more than we think.”

Maxim Genchev for


  • 17.03.2018
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 16.30 часа