Director - Val Todorov
Camera - Kiril Prodanov, Mihail Boevski
With - Maria Bakalova, Rossen Pentchev, Joanna-Izabella Varbanova, Lara Zlatareva, Stefan Shterev - Checho
TV talk show hosts bait young Yana into confessing her unusual relationship with an aging rocker, Stoil. The nonlinear narrative follows the associative connections in Yana’s memories: wild parties, a motorcycle rally, threesome with her best girlfriend, beachside bonfires, a cheap tattoo shop, a posh spa hotel, wine testing, pot smoking and transgressive sex. Yana’s story sounds like a drunken Balkan bacchanalia or a heavy metal bestiary. She calls her mother the Swine, Stoil the Wolf and herself the Fox. However, her TV confession provokes a conservative backlash. Chased by the vigilantes, Yana and Stoil end up in a mountain hut, gearing up for a final standoff. 
It’s all about the connections – free and forced, literal and metaphorical, verbal and musical, real and imaginary, genetic, sexual and dreamed up.


  • 16.03.2018
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 15.45 часа