Director - Zornitsa Sophia
Script - Zornitsa Sophia
Camera - Krum Luis-Arilio Rodriguez
Music - Darko Markovic, Kajno Yesno Slonce
With - Zornitsa Sophia, Valeri Yordanov, Goran Gunchev, Vladimir Zombori, Leart Dokle, Petar Genkov, Dimitar Selenski
Producer - Zornitsa Sophia Popgantcheva
Production - MQ Pictures

Roumena is a tortured mother forced to abandon her child and home, who leads a band of rebels and inflicts her own justice while struggling to make it up to the men’s world of 19th century. “Voevoda” means rebel-leader, commander, guardian and tells a true story, based on witness accounts.

„The film features many nonprofessional actors, the writer/director/producer playing the lead role and her daughter playing the younger Roumena. Through rough and raw cinematic narrative the film strives for authenticity imposing the question how cruel humans are to the ones who are different. A woman ahead of her time, Roumena pushes relationships beyond the obvious religious, cultural and gender limits."

Zornitsa Sophia


  • 12.03.2018
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 15.30 часа