Children of War
Armenina, 2017, 6'

This is a anthology of short films.
In 2017, director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda, The Promise) challenged filmmakers across the world to tell a human rights story important to them. There were two conditions. The film had to be no more than 60 seconds. And it could have no dialogue. Filmmakers all over the world confronted subjects from poverty to privacy, from women's rights to civil disobedience. But there was one topic more than any other that weighed on the conscience of filmmakers...

Croatia, 2017, 19'

Jakov Nola

Josip and Roko are the organizers and only guests at an after-party in Josip’s student flat in Zagreb. Then Roommate comes back from a night out with a new lover in tow. This makes matters complicated and a proud fight for territory ensues.

Baby Tooth
Croatia, 2016, 15'

Saša Ban

Jana attends a family reunion at a pizza place, organized as a farewell party for her dad who is awaiting a difficult operation. The words „everything is going to be all right“ become a mantra repeated again and again, as if to ward off any thoughts of death from the table. She just has to give a few small tokens of appreciation to the nurses, an envelope to the doctor, and stay positive.

Bulgaria-USA, 2017, 18'01''

Sarah Jean Kruchowski

A satirical comedy-drama about a Bulgarian immigrant actress in Hollywood struggling to tackle a situation of going to another doomed audition and inability to find a sitter for her child, meeting with lack of appreciation for art as a profession, mom's duties as a full-time unpaid job and the mocking attitude of a casting director. Or the oxymoron of teaching high morals in a typical Hollywood atmosphere abundant of fairly immoral stereotypes.

Xavier Corberó: Portrait of an Artist in Winter
UK-Spain, 2017, 14'

Nathalie Biancheri

Following the iconic Spanish sculptor Xavier Corberó, Xavier Corberó: Portrait of an Artist in Winter offers a kaleidoscopic portrait of the life and career of a man who managed to traverse a turbulent time in Spain’s history. 

Croatia, 2015, 19'

Judita Gamulin

Members of two families are visiting their hospitalized fathers sharing the same room. While one family squabbles over trivial issues, the other family takes a very different perspective. Flowers are both for celebrations and for funerals.

The Cleaning Lady
Croatia, 2017, 12'

Matija Vukšić

Fifteen-year-old Dino returns home one night completely beside himself and confesses to killing a local priest to his mother. She works as a cleaning lady at the rectory and devises a plan to save her son.


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