Director - Nikolay Todorov
Script - Viktor Samuilov
Music - Danko Yordanov, Iva Todorova
Producer - Nikolay Todorov
Production - ET Club No Nikolay Todorov

The characters in this film are flies. Their leader, the Mother Fly, is determined to change the way of life of her citizens, as she is about to die. She tries to wipe out the general opinion aboute flies being the grossest insects among the Brachycera. Joining efforts, they succeed in producing honey "Made in Brachycera", but this is the first and the last thing they have ever made.

"The director analyses all the important themes of our time and matches them with philosophical ideas from past eras. Two girls are living among the labels for cleanliness and order, hanging from the Brachycera's walls. They can't deal with the crisis of the moral, resulted from the lack of political responsibility. One of the girls dies after a murder in the disco, but the other one stays and tries to solve the problems of her time."

Maya Dzhambazova,


IAFF, Varna '17 – Grand Prix


  • 27.03.2018
    DOM NA KINOTO - 18.30 часа