Director - Metodi Andonov
Script - Bogomil Raynov
Camera - Dimo Kolarov
Music - Dimitar Valchev
With - Apostol Karamitev, Elena Raynova, Doroteya Toncheva, Konstantin Kotsev, Georgi Cherkelov, Neycho Popov, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Grigor Vachkov, Stoyanka Mutafova, Ilka Zafirova, Georgi Popov
Producer - Sofia Film Studios
Production - Boyana Film, Sofia Film Studios
Sofia, the 60's. The scientist Petar Aleksandrov is very ill and is in hospital. The long hours in loneliness between the room's four walls make him think about himself, his life and everything – good or bad, happened in the past years. He remembers the meetings with his friends Bubi and Rina. With Rina he had a short love affair, and he still loves her. He remembers his unfulfilled dream to publish his book “Psychology of Feelings”. He recalls when he first saw his future wife Sasha – one of his students, the birth of his first daughter and all the wonderful moments with his family. There are bad memories, too – the tragic death of Sasha and the one of his parents, died in the bombings of Sofia in the Second World War.


Golden Rose, Varna '68 – Grand Prix BFF Varna, '68 – Best Actor (Apostol Karamitev), Best Actress (Doroteya Toncheva, also for her role in Shibil) Delhi '70 – First Prize


  • 01.03.2018
    DOM NA KINOTO - 18.30 часа