Director - Volker Schlöndorff
Script - Volker Schlöndorff
Camera - Franz Rath
Music - Hans Werner Henze
Cast - Mathieu Carrière, Bernd Tischer, Marian Seidowski, Barbara Steele
Producers - Franz Seitz, Louis Malle
Production - Franz Seitz Filmproduktion, Nouvelles Éditions de Films
Toerless attends school at an early 20th Century Austrian military boarding school. He is distracted from the school's attempts to educate and train the young boys by the brutality of a few select students. As the school bullies terrorize and humiliate a fellow student, Toerless simply watches from afar, uneasy about speaking out. His attitude differs little from the cold, unaffected teaching staff.


Cannes ’66 – FIPRESCI Award


  • 17.03.2018
    GOETHE-INSTITUT - 18.30 часа